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It is not our intention to imitate, but to create a style with which it is possible to harness and optimize the broadest possible range of organ literature. We build instruments that voice the language of our time.
Certainly, our vast knowledge of instruments from all periods is needed. Today’s language has its roots. But to speak the language you first have to have an understanding of it…..

By employing this meticulous approach, Neiland and Creane Organ Builders ensure that the restored instrument remains true to its historical context and retains its authenticity. They prioritize maintaining the integrity of the organ, ensuring that its original sound, appearance, and functionality are preserved.

Throughout the restoration process, Neiland and Creane Organ Builders consider various factors, such as the organ’s age, original craftsmanship techniques, and the materials used in its construction. They conduct thorough research to gain a comprehensive understanding of the organ’s historical context and consult relevant historical documents, specifications, and records.

Over time, this appreciation has grown into a dedicated Restoration Department within Neiland and Creane Organ Builders. This expansion signifies the company’s commitment to preserving and restoring historic organs, recognizing their cultural and musical significance. By engaging in restoration projects, the company showcases their respect for the craftsmanship and artistry of the past, ensuring that these instruments continue to be enjoyed and appreciated by future generations.

Neiland and Creane Organ Builders pride themselves on their extensive knowledge and experience in constructing diverse types of windchests for new organs. This expertise directly influences their work in restoring and manufacturing not only traditional slider windchests but also unique windchest systems such as pouch chests, cone chests, membrane chests, and more. The synergy between their expertise in constructing new instruments and their ability to transfer those skills to historical projects is a defining characteristic of their work. Likewise, this knowledge transfer also occurs in the opposite direction, where insights gained from their Electronic Development Department, which is housed within their organization, can be utilized in the rebuilding of instruments.

The restoration projects undertaken by Neiland and Creane Organ Builders encompass a wide range of instruments. The selection of restored instruments reflects the diverse nature of their work, showcasing their ability to revive and preserve organs from various periods and styles.